Hello from Houston

Well, it looks like we're actually doing this!

We're setting off on a trip that may be tiring, sweaty and aggravating at times, but also promises to be the experience of a lifetime.

It was a journey just getting here, with a storage unit, an apartment and loads of friends we adore left behind, but we've had a quiet excitement building all through the preparations—and now at the start of our adventure we're about to burst from the thrill.


We've got backpacks and a plan: to see as much of the world that's more than a 2 week vacation away from home. Whether we packed appropriately to see that plan through is still up in the air, but what we do know is we're willing to take on whatever's out there in hopes of understanding the world a little better each day.

Our first stop is Santiago, then on to Patagonia to get our romp on in Torres del Paine. We hope you'll follow along with us as we post pictures and the odd musing or two!