We got lazy already

Today was our first full day in Chile!

We woke up and ventured off to Santiago's Metropolitan Park, a 722 hectare park with a huge hill, right in the middle of the city.

When we reached the park we had a choice: either hike up the hill on foot or ride a 'funicular' straight to the top.


Well, the funicular was fun and very easy. 500 meters at 50 degrees presented us with a great view of the city and delicious ice cream.

For a late lunch we wandered back down to the Mercado Central that's packed to the brim with fish stalls and tiny restaurants.


On a friend's recommendation we befriended Willy of Tio Willy's and were brought huge plates of paramesan topped clams (they're delicious!), crab and fish ceviche.


Not bad for day 1.

Next up

Tomorrow we're headed down to Punta Arenas, the southern tip of Chile and the gateway to Torres del Paine national park.